Bano Younus:

  • CEO of Creative Management Services
  • Islamic Health and Healing Consultant
  • Complementary Health Specialist
  • Certified Reiki Healer   
  • Certified in Pranic Healing and Pranic Psychotherapy
  • Holistic Coach and Trainer
  • Writer, TV Producer and Presenter
  • Freelance Consultant in Personal & Business Development
  • Founder and Administrator of The Success Network on Facebook

    • B.A. Honours degree in English and Drama: trained writer and actress


    • Completed a course in teacher training and lecturing at the University of Aberystwyth


    • Certified Reiki Master & Energy Healing Specialist, one of a handful of Pranic Healers trained in Pranic Healing and Pranic Psychotherapy in the UK  


    • Trained in personal and business development for several years



    • Set up a local development agency as an umbrella group for ethnic minority organisations in Lancashire: organisation development; office management and supervision of staff; securing thousands of pounds of funding for several voluntary organisations  ( 1988 - 1989 )


    • Advised employers and training organisations to provide equal opportunities for ethnic minorities as Lancashire's YTS Development Officer ( 1989 - 1990 )


    • Community development health work to assist with meeting the health needs of ethnic minorities in Manchester ( 1991 - 1992 )


    • Set up a Refuge for Asian women in Hounslow: research and planning for the role; securing a suitable property; writing policies, refuge management documents and successful funding applications       ( 1992 - 1993 )


    • Writing a Funding Guide for the local voluntary sector published by the London Borough of Hounslow ( 2000 )


    • Assisting voluntary groups with capacity building, organisational development, marketing, publicity, and fundraising applications   ( 1999 - 2000 )


    • Reiki healing of adults with physical and mental challenges and numerous private clients achieving successful results  ( 2003 - 2005 ) 


    • Stress management, meditation and relaxation workshops ( 2003 )  


     ROLES: past and present

    • Chair of a Womens Centre
    • TV Producer and Presenter
    • Intern for Islam Channel
    • Writer and Lecturer 
    • Volunteer for several humanitarian aid charities


    Bano has featured in the national newspapers, tv and radio for her work.

    Major Projects:

    EMDA: Ethnic Minorities Development Agency  (Lancashire: 1988 - 1989)

    Set up EMDA as a LDA - Local Development Agency, carried out organisation development of the agency to provide support and guidance to ethnic minority voluntary sector groups, searched for and identified premises for an office base, furnished and managed the office, supervised staff and volunteers, serviced meetings, assisted voluntary groups with community development and funding applications. Successful in achieving thousands of pounds of funding for voluntary groups from the Princes Trust, local government and central government funding, trusts and foundations through writing successful funding applications. Publicity in major newspapers and invited to speak on about the success of the agency.

    LAMA: Lancashire Association of Managing Agents (Lancashire: 1990 - 1991)

    Regional responsibility for assisting employers and government approved training organisations (managing agents) in the development and implementation of equality of opportunity, presentations to the quarterly meetings of managing agents, meeting with community groups to share training and employment opportunities provided by managing agents.

    MACHEM: Manchester Action Committee on Health Care for Ethnic Minorities (Manchester: 1991 - 1992)

    Community development in health care service provision by hospitals and health services, achieving halal meals in hospitals, servicing meetings.

    Asian Womens Refuge (Hounslow: 1992 - 1993)

    Progressing the organisation development of the Refuge, making successful applications for funding (with commendation from the Director of the London Borough Grants Unit), writing policies, staff descriptions, finding premises, servicing meetings between the founders, the Council and housing association in the development of the refuge

    Hounslow Voluntary sector (Hounslow: 1999 - 2000)

    Provided capacity building and organisation development consultancy, advice and training to assist in the effectiveness of staff and the organisation to achieve objectives, carrying out training needs analysis, writing a Funding Guide (published 2000)

    Marketing and publicity - examining leaflets and brochures, redefining content, logos, branding to deliver a better message

    Creative Management - Setting up my own business: 2000 - 2013

    Setting up my business and website

    Delivering courses in stress management 

    Training, seminars and courses attended:

    • Anthony Robbins: Mastery University - Unleash the Power Within, Life Mastery, Health Mastery, Wealth Mastery, Date with Destiny


    • Bob Proctor - The Science of Getting Rich, You Were Born Rich, The Success Puzzle, Mission in Commission


    • T Harv Eker - Millionaire Mind


    • Internet marketing, copywriting, social media courses


    • Reiki: Degree 1, Degree 2, Master


    • Pranic Healing - Basic and Advanced, Pranic Psychotherapy