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As Salaam Alaikum


Since my previous post I have experienced a spiritual life-changing transformation and implemented the teachings of Islam in my life. The changes have been phenomenal and I have now set up new blogs on Wordpress which give me the opportunity to share more abundantly, with unlimited postings.


These are:


Have a look, and feel free to leave your comments.

Wishing you all good health, peace, love and happiness...



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All the best,



Another year, now Ramadan is here

Around a year ago when I began this website, it was close to Ramadan and I went through a spiritual transformation, in which I felt deep inner peace and fulfilment.

However, I was already involved in an unsuccessful business venture which not  resulted in lower energy and health, and a relapse in the M.E. I already had.

You could say, I was not on the right path for me.

A similar thing had happened to me around 10 years ago.

Life is like that, it runs in cycles.

I have taken some time out to re assess my life journey and its priorities and am happy to say, recovery is going well and my mind is clearer again.

Ramadan is a time for spiritual reflection, like a retreat.

It is more than fasting - it is a purification process which not only detoxifies the body, it also clears the mind and spirit of unhealthy residues and substances.

I am looking forward to the month ahead and reconnecting with everyone here again.

Remember to follow your heart...

Love & Light, Joy & Peace to you all.


Play 2 Win 19-21 June

 Play 2 Win  11 to13 September at the Radisson Edwardian, Heathrow

Still time to book your complimentary tickets to this event.

The event involves playing business games which result in experiential learning - more powerful than any theory courses, and the learning stays with the person.

Fun and challenging, you will learn how to develop skills for communication, negotiation, teamwork, leadership and sales.

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11-13 Sept Heathrow

I have attended myself and highly recommend the event.

Best Wishes



What did Simon Cowell say to me?

Healing Process

"A successful life is one that is lived through understanding and pursuing one's own path, not chasing after the dreams of others." Chin-Ning Chu

"You will recognise your own path when you come upon it, because you will suddenly have all the energy and imagination you will ever need." Jerry Gillies

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." Howard Thurman

"Live with Passion" Anthony Robbins

Today I experienced a healing when an old wound surfaced to be healed. A weight lifted and my illness went away.

"What illness?" you might be asking?

Especially someone who has seven healing qualifications.

I was living with denial of the relapse of the M.E. which came back and reminded me that I was not looking after myself. As I took time out from my business to meditate, rest and reorganise my home I became aware that this time the pain remained and was not going away. I was going through a healing crisis.

A trigger came up which prompted me to express an old unresolved wound and share it with someone. I was pleased when my illness went away spontaneously and miraculously after receiving support.

I am writing a book about health and healing based on my own experiences and everything that helped me to recover from a very serious condition. This was the final piece of the puzzle that I was waiting for, and to share with you.

These are my tips to you to improve your energy and your life through healing old wounds.

  • Never suppress your feelings about your experiences.

  • Talk to someone who will understand. If you are not sure who to talk to, phone someone on a helpline related to your experience.

  • Listen to your inner voice and intuition and take time to think, reflect on the message coming through you.

  • Be loving and compassionate to yourself, and treat yourself as the valuable being you are.

  • Take time out to prioritise what is important for you, not what you think you should do for other people.

  • If someone is not treating you with respect walk away, and spend time with people who respect and value you.

More tips will be revealed in my book, stay posted!

Feel free to leave a comment below.

Love & Light



Energy Audit

I began an energy audit of all my relationships, with a list of energy takers and energy givers. Then a timely cd arrived from Success University, the speaker was one of my uplines Johnnie Wimbrey. He was talking about Friend or to identify your enemies from your friends. I knew I was on the right track.

Here is something you can do this week to increase your energy.

Take a piece of paper and make two columns. On one column write Energy Givers, on the other write Energy Takers. Go through all your relationships and identify the people who make you feel good as Energy Givers, and the people who drain you as Energy Takers.

Johnnie Wimbrey says, "Be with people who celebrate you, not people who tolerate you."

When you do, your life will start to shift.

If you are interested in the cds you can visit www.Bano.SuccessUniversity to order. Click on the Enrol Now tab and you can see all the bonuses for being a member.

Energy & Focus

Talking about energy again, it is important to save yours by only associating with people who uplift your energy.

As an energy healer and specialist I usually see and feel for others energies and know where they are in their lives.

There are energy givers and energy takers. The energy givers will support you, and talk about your dreams. The energy takers will talk about theirs and disempower you, usually because they are afraid and feel threatened, though mostly through ignorance.

You will know when your energy feels constricted that you will not feel supported. On the other hand when you feel happy you know your energy is flowing freely.

Fortunately I discovered who the energy vampires were, and am in flow now as I mentioned yesterday.

How do you keep your focus when all around are losing theirs?

You have to be clear about your goals, and you can only be clear about your goals when you know what you want. That again is based on your purpose.

To discover your purpose take some time to think about everything that you enjoyed in your life, and would like more of. Also identify your skills, talents and gifts. What are you good at?

The next thing is to have a vision. Where would you like to be in a year's time? Five years? Ten years?

When you have done this exercise write down all the steps to achieve your vision. These are your short term and long term goals to achieve your vision and follow your purpose.

Clarity helps, and writing it down helps you focus.

Make a plan for your life and follow your plan to keep your focus. Only do those things which keep you focused on where you wish to be - your vision - and in line with your purpose. Goals are just the stepping stones, and can keep changing to adapt to circumstances.

When you have done this exercise I would love to hear from you, and find out how you are progressing.

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