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A professional well written website or document is much more impressive than a poorly written one with lots of mistakes.

I often come across poorly written content which is not proofread, or done so by proofreaders who have no training in the English language, who allow errors which would not be acceptable in the professional or business world.

Yet many of these books are for high profile people!

I read an ebook written by an American publishing "expert" who regularly assists with self-publishing of books and ebooks for "authors" for a large fee, claiming that they use proofreaders as part of the service. His own ebook contained as many as 10 - 15 errors on the first page. I could not read any further, as reading a grammatically incorrect document has a detrimental effect on language skills, and I was too aware of the errors in this ebook.

British writers may consider self publishing in the US for the cheaper rates but they must be aware that the proofreaders in the US may convert your writing to American English.

Even in the UK many proofreaders may not have graduate training in English and may not spot the errors which are visible to English language specialists.

Another reason for the increase incidence of incorrect grammar in British literature is the use of the US version of spellcheck on most pcs - which are not set for UK English.

I am not saying that US English is poor - there is a different system of grammar in the US - people in the UK are not aware of the differences.

Hence the importance of a proofreader who is trained in the English language. 

How would you find a good proofreader? 

A degree in the English language is a prerequisite for an excellent proofreader.

However, proficiency in all aspects of English grammatical rules, etymology and spelling are also important.

The proofreader must have a good eye for detail as well as training in the rules of the English language.

American English is different, with different rules, yet it is being used more and more by British writers who are not aware of the rules of British English.

An example of a grammatical error which is acceptable in American English but not in British English is referring to someone as "that" instead of "who".

For example:

"A person that is special" is incorrect

"A person who is special" is correct.

Whether you are looking for web content or help with editing your book, help is available from an English language expert.

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